Empowering a Healthier Workforce
Year Round Wellness Program

Why is it important to make blood testing easy and reliable? Because diabetics may not realize the danger of their blood sugar fluctuations. Low glucose readings can impact the brain, high readings may affect extremities. Without testing, they may be doing damage to their body and not know it…

The DiabetesConnect℠ Health Improvement Solution

DiabetesConnect is a next-generation health improvement program that leverages deep expertise around health and behavior change and combines it with the ease of use and real-time nature of technology to support diabetics across the continuum.

We integrate real-time data, information and technology to deliver a comprehensive support system that drives behavior change and empowers members with diabetes to manage their own health more effectively. And because testing data is tracked real-time (previously unavailable actionable data), you’ll be able to send highly personalized messaging to members as well as offer condition-specific incentives, such as rewards for testing adherence, for maximum program impact.

DiabetesConnect leverages the industry’s only cellular glucometer combined with our robust member engagement and analytics platform and enhanced messaging capabilities, and integrates with care teams to deliver optimal results. The program improves health outcomes, leading to more productive employees and less wasted effort and money. With DiabetesConnect, plan sponsors can better address a chronic condition that drives $245 billion in annual costs in the U.S. 1 Our health improvement solution is:

  • Engaging: simplifies and supports effective health management
    • Easy-to-use cellular glucometer with real-time feedback on successes and challenges
    • Simple—all members have to do is test as prescribed and we do the rest
    • Educational—best practices in self-care with optional coaching support
  • Personalized: real-time alerts, kudos, testing reminders
    • Robust member engagement and analytics platform with enhanced, personalized messaging capabilities via digital glucometer or other (customizable intervention levels available)
    • Targeted messaging based on blood glucose testing patterns and results
    • Integrated with member’s care teams (providers, family members, as approved by member) for maximum results
  • Proactive: we know who is testing
    • Leading cellular glucometer tracks test results real-time (no Wi-Fi or sync needed)
    • Creates actionable data, providing immediate support for member
    • Reduces wastage; only provide test strips to active testers

A Great Solution for Members with Diabetes

Members find great value in the DiabetesConnect program as we provide a strong support system to help them effectively live with diabetes. We provide members with timely education, superior testing technology and alert reminders to make life easier. Our care team is available to provide support when they need it and members can create a personalized circle of support by sharing information with their provider, care team, family members or anyone they request. All members have to do is test as prescribed and we do the rest. Once they test, data is automatically uploaded to our systems (no cellphone or sync required), allowing members and designated caregivers to track and see trends in blood glucose levels and provide advice and support as needed.

DiabetesConnect is suitable for all diabetics–regardless of the perceived level of risk of the member. The program is designed to slow the progression and threatening complications of the disease, improve the productivity and quality of the diabetic’s daily life, and to create a new standard of best practice self-management for this costly, progressive disease.

Value of Integrated Health & Wellness Management

By combining your wellness and health improvement programs, you get the added value of one integrated, consolidated solution that helps bridge some of the current inefficiencies and communication gaps in healthcare. All of our programs leverage our state-of-the-art engagement and analytics platform, providing unique visibility to the status of every member and leading to more precise and personalized education, interventions, and integrated care. And because our health improvement programs are measurable real-time and running on the same platform, you can also integrate condition-specific incentives such as rewards for testing adherence, with your current wellness incentives, delivering a more cohesive and personalized member experience.